Yavatmal District Central Co-Operative Bank Limited


  • Candidates can apply ONLINE only from 29/05/2021 to last date through and no other mode of application will be accepted.
  • Pre-Requisites for Applying Online

    Before applying online, candidates should —

    1. scan their ::

      - Photograph (4.5 cm × 3.5 cm )

      - Signature

    2. Keep the necessary details/documents ready to make Payment of the requisite application fee/ intimation charges.
    3. have a valid contact number , which should be active throughout the recruitment process.
    4. have a valid personal email ID, which should be kept active till the declaration of results of recruitment process. Respective department may send intimation to download call letters for the Examination etc. through the registered e-mail ID. Under no circumstances, a candidate should share with/mention e-mail ID to / of any other person. In case a candidate does not have a valid personal e-mail ID, he/she should create his/her new e-mail ID before applying on-line and must maintain that email account.
  • Procedure for applying online
    1. Candidates are first required to go to the authorized website 
    2. Candidates will have to click on “CLICK FOR NEW REGISTRATION” to register their application by entering their basic information in the online application form. After that a provisional registration number and password will be generated by the system and displayed on the screen. Candidate should note down the Provisional registration number and password. An Email & SMS indicating the Provisional Registration number and Password will also be sent. They can reopen the saved data using Provisional registration number and password and edit the particulars, if needed.
    3. Candidates are required to upload their

      - Photograph

      - Signature

    4. Candidates are advised to carefully fill in the online application form themselves as no change in any of the data filled in the online application form will be entertained. Prior to submission of the online application form candidates are advised to use the “Verify Details” facility on every single page to verify the details in the online application form and modify the same if required.. Visually Impaired candidates are responsible for carefully verifying/ getting the details filled in, in the online application form properly verified and ensuring that the same are correct prior to submission as no change is possible after submission.
  • Mode of Payment
    Challan Guidelines ::
    1. Once you are on “Challan Payment Details Preview”, kindly check all your details. If correct please take a print out by clicking on “Print Receipt”.
    2. Carry the Challan Receipt to the mentioned respective bank and pay the amount shown on receipt. Fee has to be paid in cash only.
    3. Candidates are supposed to demand for ‘Applicant Slip’after the successful transaction. It is mandatory to check by candidate itself (a) Transaction Deposit Date (b) Transaction ID (c) Signature Of Bank Official along with stamp (d) Signature Of Candidate/Depositor
    4. For final procedure login with username and password to the website , In the overview section click on “View Application”. You will be redirected to the “Challan Payment Details Preview”,then click on “Add Challan Details”.

      Please select ‘Transaction Deposit Date’,then insert the ‘Transaction ID’mentioned on Applicant Challan Reciept and please confirm it one more time.


    5. Finally click on “SUBMIT DETAILS”.
    चालान मार्गदर्शक सूचना ::
    1. एकदा आपण “चालान पेमेंट डिटेल्स प्रीव्ह्यू” वर आला की कृपया तुमची सर्व माहिती तपासा. योग्य असल्यास कृपया “प्रिंट पावती” वर क्लिक करुन प्रिंट आउट घ्या.
    2. चालान पावती नमूद केलेल्या संबंधित बँकेत घेऊन जाणे आणि पावतीवर दिलेली रक्कम भरणे. फी फक्त रोख भरावी लागणार.
    3. यशस्वी व्यवहारानंतर उमेदवारांनी बँक अधिकारी कडून ‘अर्जदार स्लिप’ घ्यावी . उमेदवाराने स्वतः तपासणी करणे बंधनकारक आहे (i) व्यवहार ठेव तारीख (ii) व्यवहार आयडी (iii) बँक अधिकाऱ्याची सही व मुद्रांक (iv) उमेदवार / ठेवीदाराची सही
    4. अंतिम प्रक्रियेसाठी वेबसाइटवर username आणि password ने लॉगिन करा. आपल्याला “चालान पेमेंट डिटेल्स प्रीव्ह्यू” वर पुनर्निर्देशित केले जाईल, त्यानंतर “ऍड चालान डिटेल्स” वर क्लिक करा. कृपया ‘व्यवहार ठेव तारीख’ निवडा, त्यानंतर अर्जदार चालान रीसीप्ट वर नमूद केलेला ‘व्यवहार आयडी’ टाका आणि कृपया त्यास आणखी एकदा पुष्टी द्या.

      महत्वाची नोंद :: उमेदवाराने आपले व्यवहार ठेव तारीख आणि व्यवहार आयडी हे अचूक टाकणे अनिवार्य आहे.कोणत्याही टप्प्यावर माहिती चुकीची आढळल्यास उमेदवाराची उमेदवारी रद्द होईल.

    5. शेवटी “सबमिट डिटेल्स” वर क्लिक करा.


  • Please note that all the particulars mentioned in the online application including Name of the Candidate, Category, Date of Birth, Address, Mobile Number, Email ID, etc. will be considered as final and no change/modifications will be allowed after submission of the online application form. Candidates are hence advised to fill in the online application form with the utmost care as no correspondence regarding change of details will be entertained. Respective Department will not be responsible for any consequences arising out of furnishing of incorrect and incomplete details in the application or omission to provide the required details in the application form.

  • Candidates are requested to ensure that they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

  • Application Fees/ Intimation Charges can be paid via Challan Mode only.


  • Admission to examination will be purely provisional without verification of documents. Ineligible candidates will not be allowed for interview. In case at any stage the candidate is found not to fulfill the eligibility criteria/ cannot produce the requisite documents to Respective Department the candidature of the candidate will stand cancelled.

  • A candidate can apply for only one post at once and not more than one application should be submitted by any candidate. In case of multiple Applications for single post only the latest valid (completed) application will be retained and the application fee/ intimation charges paid for the other multiple registration(s) will stand forfeited.

  • Multiple attendance/ appearances in the online examination and/ interview will be summarily rejected/ candidature cancelled.

# Guidelines for Scanning and Upload of Photograph & Signature

  • Before applying online a candidate will be required to have a scanned (digital) image of his/her Photograph and Signature
  • Photograph Image: ( 4.5 cm × 3.5 cm )
    1. Photograph must be a recent passport style colour picture.
    2. Make sure that the picture is in colour, taken against a light-coloured, preferably white background.
    3. Look straight at the camera with a relaxed face
    4. If you have to use flash, ensure there's no "red-eye"
    5. If you wear glasses make sure that there are no reflections and your eyes can be clearly seen.
    6. Caps, hats and dark glasses are not acceptable. Religious headwear is allowed but it must not cover your face.
    7. Dimensions 200 x 230 pixels (preferred)
    8. Size of file should be between 20 kb – 30 kb.
    9. Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more than 30 kb. If the size of the file is more than 30 kb, then adjust the settings of the scanner such as the DPI resolution, no. of colours etc., during the process of scanning.
    10. Photo uploaded should be of appropriate size and clearly visible
  • Signature
    1. The applicant has to sign on white paper with Black Ink pen. o Dimensions 140 x 60 pixels (preferred) o Size of file should be between 20 kb – 30 kb o Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more than 30 kb o Signature uploaded should be of appropriate size and clearly visible.
  • Procedure for Uploading the documents
    1. While filling in the Online Application Form the candidate will be provided with separate links for uploading Photograph & Signature.
    2. Click on the respective link “Upload Photograph / Signature .
    3. Browse and Select the location where the Scanned Photograph & Signature has been saved.
    4. Select the file by clicking on it.
    5. Click the ‘Open/Upload’
    6. If the file size and format are not as prescribed, an error message will be displayed.
    7. Preview of the uploaded image will help to see the quality of the image. In case of unclear / smudged, the same may be re-uploaded to the expected clarity /quality.
  • Your Online Application will not be registered unless you upload your Photograph & Signature as specified.
  • Note:
    1. In case the face in the photograph or the signature is unclear / smudged the candidate’s application may be rejected.
    2. After uploading the Photograph / signature in the online application form candidates should check that the images are clear and have been uploaded correctly. In case the photograph or signature is not prominently visible, the candidate may edit his/ her application and re-upload his/ her photograph or signature, prior to submitting the online application form.
    3. Candidate should also ensure that photo is uploaded at the place of photo and signature at the place of signature. If photo in place of photo and signature in place of signature is not uploaded properly, candidate will not be allowed to appear for the exam.
    4. Candidate must ensure that Photo to be uploaded is of required size and the face should be clearly visible.
    5. If the photo is not uploaded at the place of Photo Admission for Examination will be rejected/denied. Candidate him/herself will be responsible for the same.
    6. Candidates should ensure that the signature uploaded is clearly visible
    7. After registering online candidates are advised to take a printout of their system generated online application forms.